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Preston EBS Marketing Solutions To Aid U.S. Economy

Preston Enterprise EBS, Inc., marketing specialists based in Chicago, IL and Bethlehem, PA have announced plans to expand corporate operations, facilities and employment to help aid and strengthen the U.S. economy. Economic concerns are on the lips of business and political observers alike as we enter the new year, with many companies planning to tighten their belts by trimming budgets and cutting employees.  The outlook is one of caution through what some are calling a “cash-flow crunch” while others use the word “recession”. Preston maintains that the current economic situation does not mean companies need to start preparing pink slips for key employees. They just need to develop “stronger” and “more focused” sales and marketing strategies; marketing campaigns that provide a better return on their investment in the process. And Preston Marketing believes that they have developed a plan to accomplish just that!

Preston EBS Marketing specializes in corporate sales growth through highly focused marketing campaigns. Their research indicates that as much as 72% of a salesperson’s time is spent on an activity called “prospecting”, while only 28% is actual selling.  Countless hours are spent cold-calling … and usually on poorly focused and unfiltered lists of names and phone numbers that generate little return.  Similarly, many salespeople are actually encouraged to walk door-to-door, as if to say, “Maybe we’ll get lucky”.   This is standard operating procedure in many corporate settings … where 28% productivity would not be tolerated in any other department.

Preston Enterprise EBS, Inc. has now released a two-phased plan to help sustain, strengthen and solidify the U.S. sales industry that will, each in their own way, give aid as a pillar to the U.S. economy.
Phase One is to offer a well-structured system designed to provide a more direct and less costly route to sales for client companies.  “We start with the concept of customer candidates,” states President Rob Miller.  “It is important to understand the criteria for a best customer scenario and then build toward attracting that perfect solution.”  Further, a highly professional team of prospecting specialists is a key factor in finding and pre-qualifying sales leads before the sales person is sent out.  In this way productivity soars as salespeople spend much more time actually selling.  Best of all, Preston brings over twenty years of experience to the table and has worked with every type of client from independent sales reps to major corporations nationwide.

Phase Two includes developing an innovative Technology and Software Division, a support structure designed to aid the entire sales process, even across the nation. A representative from Custom Software by Preston (CSP) said, “While sales is the engine of our nation’s economy, information technology (IT) provides the latticework of functional sales management.”   CSP is formulated around the idea that Phase One, the lead generation phase, generates stronger, more reliable, more effective, and better-focused sale leads.  Then Phase Two, the software phase, puts highly functional management and control software into play.  “There’s an old adage that says, “this isn’t rocket science”, but in a way that is exactly what we are doing.  We apply leading edge computer technology to sales management with usability as a functional requirement, and no one does it better,” stated that same representative.

Preston Enterprise EBS, Inc. has developed a plan to address the issues of a slowing economy.  First, a sales support division that helps client companies develop customer candidate criteria and a mechanism to pursue those ideal customers with highly qualified prospecting specialists who set pre-qualified double-confirmed sales appointments.  And second, an affiliated software provider to add functionally appropriate management infrastructure to the process. 

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