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specific targetingProspect List Building
Everything starts with a prioritized list of prospects. Every good product or service needs a quality salesperson, an every quality salesperson needs a quality prospect list. Developing your targeted list of prospects is the the first place to start. Whether you already have a database of potential clients or you need to purchase one, we can help you with this critical first step. We are brokers for "InfoUSA", "Manufacturers News", "Jigsaw", "Lead411", "Lead Forensics", and many more.

cold callingCold Callingtelemarketing services, appointment setting services, outbound telemarketing services
No salesperson likes cold calling … and your sales force is no different. Preston Enterprise EBS employs highly trained and motivated cold calling specialists. Our telemarketers know how to get past the gatekeepers, how to create interest, and how to get you in the door.

 appointment settingAppointment Setting
Prospecting is the name of the game … and nobody does it better than our professional appointment setting staff. You get pre-qualified, pre-confirmed sales appointments with a decision maker who has already demonstrated a level of interest in your products and services, and has agreed to meet for a full sales presentation.

lead generationLead Generation
Preston Enterprise, Inc thinks in terms of “customer candidates” … in other words, what would make that next new customer your best customer. We want to identify the most desirable traits of your present customer base … then specifically target for those attributes.

lead qualifyingLead Qualifying
Are you challenged by a huge prospect list but unsure of which ones on that list might actually be interested in doing business. We can pre-qualify those lists to save your salesforce time, effort, and expense. We are set up to make hundreds of qualifying calls to narrow the field for you.

lead qualifyingEmail Marketing
The cost-effective solution to keep in touch with your existing clients and stay in front of your prospective customers. Email marketing can be used to send email newsletters, promotional campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders. Include a "call-to-action" in your messaging for better results. Compelling subject lines, powerful content, avoiding spam filters, opt in/out out compliance laws, mobile-optimization, which day is best to send, what time is best, how often you should send, how to analyze the reports, we know what works....and what doesn't! Email marketing may be more effective for nuturing prospects than generating leads, but combined with other strategies it can be a very effective way to draw in new customers. We have many packages available, use our templates or we'll help you design your own.   

Surveys are an excellent way to identify new market segments, develop customer retention/satisfaction plans, and research projects before incurring development costs. Out sourcing these functions only makes good business sense.

specific targetingSpecific Targeting
Have you ever thought; “If I could just get in to see _____ Company, I know it would really make a big difference in our growth!” Tell us who … give us a little time … and we will open that door! Only Preston Enterprise, Inc. can make that offer … and then bring it to fruition.

specific targetingInbound and Outbound Call Center

Help Desk, Order-taking, Customer Service, Event registrations, Trade Show Sign-up, Centralized Hotline, Remote Receptionist, Auto-Attendant, Answering Services, Broadcast Messaging.

specific targetingContact Center Services - "Once a customer, always a customer"  =  NOT TRUE!
Customer Incentives & Appreciation Calls, Friendly Reminders,  Questionnaires, Central Hotline, Retention initiatives, Email Marketing.

specific targetingTransportation & Logistics Clients!!! 
Visit our unique Driver Care Center -Start Reducing Turnover Today!  www.drivercarecenter.com


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telemarketing services, appointment setting services, outbound telemarketing services,
 phone lead generation services, telephone cold calling services


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