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Appointment Specialist

This position requires the professionalism of a motivated self-starter. The Appointment Specialist position requires the ability to be positive, polite, and persistent without being pushy; to be able to accept rejection in a professional manner and continue to press on to the next call. Success in this endeavor is formulated in two simple ways. First, in voice inflection; you must sound like you believe in what you are doing, as well as the products and services you are offering. Second, you must be able to dial the phone often and enthusiastically.

Qualified candidates will possess:

• 1 year of telemarketing/appointment setting experience.
• The ability to pre-qualify and set good quality appointments.
• Pleasant and professional phone skills.
• Strong communication and listening skills.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Business level computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Access and other business programs).
• Knowledge of CRM software like SalesForce, Goldmine, TeleMagic, and ACT.
• The ability to take initiative and work independently with minimal supervision.
• The drive to succeed in every endeavor.
• The ability to navigate to, and speak intelligently with, business executives all across the country.
• References.

Our appointment-setting department currently wants to fill several positions at our Lincolnshire, IL and Bethlehem, PA  location. Appointments specialists are responsible for cold calls to highly selective lists of prospective customers supplied to us by client companies. The objective is to present a brief overview of our client’s products/services and set a solid appointment for a sales presentation. Appointment-specialists are required to pre-qualify the potential customer before setting an appointment.

We Offer:

• Above average compensation through a choice of pay plans. $9 - $30 per hour to start based on experience and skill, or per-appointment for the advanced level appointment-setting expert.
• Weekly paychecks.
• Ongoing, consistent projects.
• Hands-on training.
• The potential of management and/or growth opportunities.
• Leading-edge office technology.
• 100% integrity firm with solid expansion plans.

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